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Unbridled Truth

Dear Grandpas,

"Thank you for your expertise and knowledge. I was at my wits end trying to figure out how to get rid of the awful demons. I tried just about everything from sonic devices to chemicals and pellets (none of which worked, of course). I was willing to "live and let live" to some degree, not wanting to kill any living creature if I didn't have to. But I have found that moles are not willing to set limitation or boundaries, they have little to no regard for the work of others, they are relentless in their pursuits and adamant about their routes.

All joking aside, these little critters are now digging tunnels under my driveway pavers, killed two of my crown of thorn plants that border the front windows, and are now digging holes up through the white stone landscaping in front of my porch. To prevent weeds and to keep the stones from settling into the dirt, I laid two layers of thick white plastic before putting the stones down. The moles are able to dig up through a foot of white stone and two layers of thick white plastic.

They are relentless, and they have to go!

So thank you for telling me the unbridled truth before I wasted even more money."

Debbie (Who's Feelin' a Whole Lot Better Now)

We Know Our Stuff

"WOW! You DO know your stuff! I downloaded your book, went to the store, bought the trap that you recommend, set it in a hole (in our newly planted lawn) and the next morning BINGO! Caught that little sucker! I can't thank you enough. Just wanted to tell you a big THANK YOU."

Alice Keller (Thrilled with Fast Results in Ohio)

Happy in Spokane

"Your Guide covers all the bases, so it is very valuable to everyone. So nice of you to follow-up (with my questions)."

Thanks a bunch,

Zorah, the Happy Trapper

Took Control

"I've done at least five years of research on moles and I've debunked all the 'myth methods' of treatment on my own (amazing how many people still tell me to use Juicy Fruit - as if they've used it successfully). However, your guide was just what I needed when it came to actually trapping them. It's important to get control over my lawn now because it's crucial that I get an established lawn before the moles ruin it all. So I appreciate your guidance in pointing out the fact that the trap can be used for a variety of tunnel levels.

I have two neighbors losing their minds as well, so I know they're counting on me to put your book to good use! Thanks again, and I'll be back in touch to let you know how I fare."


Trevor, Somewhere in Great Britain

SSOOOOO Excited!

What sweeties... God bless you... it's been so nice doing business with you!

Excited in Wisconsin

Now There's Hope

"Brooks & Marvin, I got the little bastard! He was a big one. There may another one, but no hills in 2 days. Your guide worked great! Thank you. I thought about taking a photo and sending it to you but figured you've seen enough of these critters. I have been trying to get this one for months and months - he made a complete mess of my lawn. I feel now there is hope. After so much time and money I have spent, I had completely lost hope and was just ready to hire a service. You will laugh, but I had spent nearly $400 in baits, smokes and even traps (but the wrong type). Honest truth. Thanks again."

Breathin' Easy in Washington

Wacked Out

"Thank goodness! I've tried all the BS and the varmints were still driving me nuts! Thank you for delivering sanity to our yard!"

Wayne "the Wacked"

At Last!

"I can't believe it's so easy. Our yard is finally getting back into shape. Thanks so much."

Resting Easy in Salem

Under Control

"Hey, guys. I've spent a lot of time and dough trying to remove moles from my yard. Your sure-fire solution turns out to be the simplest and cheapest. Thanks to you, I got rid of 'em in just one weekend!"

Miles McCarthy, CA

Go Figure

"Got your manual. I didn't like the trap you recommended, so I bought something else. Then I had to find the tunnel and set the trap. You said it would be easy. I'm going to hire an exterminator. Send me a refund."

Still Have Moles in Charlotte

Taking Pride

"I was about to give up when I came across your site on the Internet. I had 50+ mole mounds and more piling up by the day. With your instructions it took a little while, but I've about got it under control. My neighbors are happy and I'm feeling a whole lot better about my yard's appearance. Thank you."

Smiling in Salt Lake City

Mole Mounds Cost Money

"Have to tell you, I got tired of tossing good money after bad re-sharpening my mower blades. I thought if I just mowed over the mounds eventually the moles would go away. Hah! Silly me. So I got your guide and took action. The cost of the guide was a lot less than fixing my blades. Now I'm money ahead, and my place looks a lot better. Thanks."

Saving Money in Boise

Seems to Like Me

"I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write a personal letter (regarding my order). Your attitude toward customers and service is rare today. It's a real pleasure doing business with you."

Satisfied in Illinois

Hey, You Callin' US Old Timers??

"You know fellas, it's refreshing that old-timers like you are still around with great info and not "bleeding" people to death by charging outrageous prices. Some of these (so-called) 'experts' need to get a clue. I wonder how many of them have the wisdom and knowledge like you? Not many I suspect!

Keep up the good work and thanks for the outstanding value."

Grateful in Indiana

Pleased as Punch

"Thanks for your honesty, Grandpas. I just read the manual from cover to cover and I now understand what I need to do. I will start my trapping tomorrow.

Again, thank you."

Dave (Rarin' to Go!)

* * * * * *

See for yourself what they're all taking about. Go on ahead and download Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide including all the bonuses and... finally do something positive about your mole problem. You'll feel better. And it's as right as butter on popcorn.

But if at any time you're not 100% thrilled, just tell me. I'll send your money back. Pronto!

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