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Four Effective
Mole Traps

Victor Out O 'Sight Mole Trap

Durable, weather-resistant reusable mole trap - no bait needed
Malleable iron jaws for superior strength and durability
Setting levers and safety clip included for secure operation.
Moving parts are completely below the ground surface, safely away from children and pets
Comes fully assembled and with a sure-fire design for use in any soil type, and is ideal for sandy soil

More Information and to Purchase, click Victor Out O'Sight Mole Trap

The Easy Trap

The Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap takes the guesswork out of trapping and eliminating moles from your lawn, yard and garden. This one is the only mole trapping device that can be set into the mole tunnel without any digging, setting dangerous cables, spears or clamps! Simply locate the mole tunnel (ridge) and firmly insert the closed jaws into the center of the tunnel until the base of the Easy Set Mole Eliminator Trap is flush to the ground. Then step straight down on the setting lever to set the trap and trigger mechanism. That's it. The trap is now set.

More Information and to Purchase, click EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

Cinch Trap

The CINCH mole trap is ideal for killing moles. CINCH mole traps have been made in the USA since 1909, and are tested and approved by the U.S. Forest Service.

Whether you're a homeowner, farmer, or professional trapper,
CINCH mole traps are the ideal traps for ridding your lawn of pesky moles.

Try 'em for hard-to-reach locations.

More Information and to Purchase, click Mole Trap Kit: By CINCH Traps

The Trapline Mole Trap

Tom, one of my trapping buddies, prefers this easy-to-use Trapline. Simply set the trap and slide it into an intact tunnel, and block off tunnel behind the trap. There's no need to construct a dirt blockage or "speed bumps".

It's inside-the-tunnel placement does not require the mole to push its way through an artificial soil blockage. Moles enter the trap as they come through their intact tunnels, which is something moles readily do anyway.

Tom explains how he effectively uses this trap in Grandpa's Ultimate Mole Attack Survival Guide.

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